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At our company Wills4less Upper Sydenham we have some amazing wills services, we offer full and comprehensive probate services. Probate refers to a term that describes a document that is legally identified by all financial institutions.

In case the will is available, then executors who are listed on it will have to apply for this document from the probate office. When probate is granted to the executor, he or she is legible to distribute the assets as per the deceased’s will.

This information is meant for the probate process in Wales and England.

In case the deceased did not leave a will, a close family member can make an application to the probate registry for the “grant of letters”.

If the grant succeeds, it is called administrators, which serves the same purpose as a grant of probate. With administrators, the executor is eligible to handle the property of the deceased.

A grant is required if a person dies and leaves one of the following:

  • Savings of more than £ 5,000
  • Shares or stocks
  • Particular insurance policies
  • Property or land with their name

Lasting Power of Attorney

This is a lawful file that allows a person to appoint a family member or a close friend who will represent them in case they lose mental capacity.

It is a document that is governed by the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The Lasting Power of Attorney is available into two types. Check out our frequently questions asked about our wills services!

The first one is Lasting Power of Attorney Property and Affairs. In this document, the donor grants the attorney the power to deal with financial matters and property.

The Lasting Power of Attorney enables the attorney to access the donor’s accounts and make decisions such as selling off their property. The second document is called Lasting Power of Attorney Health and Welfare.

It permits the donor to grant the attorney the power of dealing with all the issues that are related to health and wellbeing. The Lasting of Power of Attorney document has to be done when the donor is still in a fit state of mind.

An attorney will only act on the will of the person if only the Lasting Power of the Attorney is under the registration of the Office of Public Guardian. The attorney that you appoint has the duty to act in your best interest.

If you are appointing more than one attorney, then you have to state whether they will act jointly or independently. You also have the option of appointing the substitute attorney and impose restrictions in your Lasting Power of Attorney.

For example, you can state that your attorney only has the authority to sell your house.

Inheritance Tax

Early arrangements help in defining who will get your property when you die. This will also help you to maximise inheritance tax reliefs and exemptions in case the worthiness of your estate exceed the inheritance tax threshold when you die.

With early planning by use of trust, exemptions and other tax efficient methods, you are assured that your inheritance tax liability is either nil or highly reduced.

Funeral Plans

First, funeral costs are taken away from the deceased estate. Though executors should carry out the deceased’s funeral wishes, they are not obliged to do so. It is important to consider a prepaid funeral plan.

There are many advantages that are associated with this choice. You pay for your funeral at the current price, and whether it will happen in many years to come or not, your family members will not pay extra cash. Second, you have a choice of the kind of the funeral you want.

Third, you will take away the financial burden on your family during difficult emotional moments. It also reduces the unnecessary argument that might arise among the family members.


Once you make your will, you have to be concerned with where it is stored. The safe storage of your will is as important as making it. You have to ensure that your will is stored in a secure, lockable and fire resistant location.

You and your executors have the accessibility to the original will. This will help you to protect it from the family members who may be tempted to tamper with the document once they learn that they have been left out of it.

Our company provides lasting storage that you can rely on with free updates on nominal charges.


Our company has an experienced and competent mortgage consultant on board. You will find services such as mortgages, remortgages, life insurance, secured loans and content insurance.

In case you are interested in investment or pension advice, you will be directed to one of our agents.

Equity Release

Are you over 55? Do you not have a mortgage? Then why not release equity from your house in order enjoy your retirement without financial doubts.

This is the time you need to enjoy your life to the fullest after many years of hard work. You do not have to make monthly payments anymore. The money that you borrow and the interest it attracts will be deducted from your estate when you die.

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